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About Bubble Soccer In Orlando

Bubble Soccer

To understand Bubble Soccer you need er want, uh…. might like to know the history of soccer (football for you Non-Americans).

Soccer (n) (sok-er)

  1. a form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the ball may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body but the arms and hands, except in the case of the goalkeepers, who may use their hands to catch, carry, throw, or stop the ball.
  2. The worldwide phenomenon of a sport that everyone except for American's calls Football.  Much like the metric system, it's a word that we have refused to adopt.

knocerball colisionIt is said that the sport of soccer has many origins.  Some believe that it got it's start on the beaches of Honduras when the islanders started kicking a coconut around.  Others will contest that it started as a military game in 3rd Century B.C. China.  Still, others will demand that soccer as we know it was born from The Cambridge rules in the mid-nineteenth century.

In a country raised mostly on high scoring games of Basketball games and the bone-crunching action of American Football.  Soccer hasn't taken hold of the American public like it has in the rest of the world.  That is until Bubble Soccer arrived.

Bubble Soccer (n) (buhb-uh l     sok-er) 

  1. A hilarious game played like soccer but with the use of battle orbs allowing it's players to exert their true physical prowess (or lack there of) on to the other players so lucky to be sharing the field of battle with them.

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Bubble Soccer is a spinoff game from traditional soccer with one huge twist.  The Bubble Soccer players uniform is comprised mostly of their inflatable battle orb.  It is by using this orb that bubble soccer players are able to make the impacts of American Football. Instead of them be delivered with the pain of two 250lb monsters colliding they are hilariously executed with the comedy of YouTube exercise ball prank videos.  The best part is no one gets hurt!


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Combat Archery Games

Action Archery Party RentalsKnockerball Orlando is now offering Action Archery brand Combat Archery Games!  What exactly are combat archery games?  We've taken the thrill of dodgeball and paintball and mixed it up with some archery to create a hilarious new combat sport.

Two teams of archers start by standing on opposing sides of the battlefield and when the whistle blows it becomes a mad dash to the center line for the players to retrieve their gear before heading back to find cover.  From there the game is played just like dodgeball but with specially designed arrows with foam tips.  Some like to mix in elements of tag but we think adding a capture the flag aspect really gets the game going.


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Foot Darts (Giant Darts – Foot Flickers)

Foot Darts by Knockerball OrlandoFoot Darts or Giant Darts are both great activities for all types of parties but are truly great for fundraising activities at events with large attendance.  Have Knockerball Orlando bring out this 10' x 12" dart board that can be played with both fuzzy soccer balls or with our specially designed bow & arrow setup.  Players will have a lot of fun now matter what game or format you choose! Giant Darts by Knockerball Orlando

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