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Action Archery Battle Tag Party Rentals

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We have Action Archery Battle Tag available for party rentals in Orlando, FL!  

Knockerball Orlando was the first to bring Knockerball to the Central Florida area and now we are the first to bring in Action Archery as well!!!!  Just what is Action Archery you ask?  Action Archery is the newest contact sport that is sweeping the nation and the world by storm!  

Action Archery Battle Tag ArrowsArchery Battle Tag is to Archery what Paintball is to Shooting Sports.  We took the rules from dodgeball and mixed it with the fun of archery!  

Of course, we don't use regular arrows.  We use the specially made arrows that were designed just for playing Action Archery.  Each arrowhead is made of high-density foam and measures 2' wide by 3" long.  It's because of our arrows that it's perfectly safe to shoot them at each other.  Well, it's actually a combination of Action Archery brand arrows, Action Archery brand Pro-Grade Safety Masks and lower powered bows that make everything so safe.

Just like in Dodgeball games are set to a time limit and the winner is decided by whichever team is still standing or has the most players still standing at the end.  If you get hit you're out.  Not to worry though, if one of your teammates can catch an arrow you can be brought back in.

Then we can also take it up a notch and make things a little more fun (read messy here) and make the game resemble paintball.  By dipping the arrow heads in a washable paint there will be no mistaking who got hit and who didn't.

Included in your Action Archery Battle Tag party rental in Orlando:

  • Everything that you need to be able to play 5×5 games (10 Bear Bows, 20 Action Archery Arrows and 10 Action Archery safety masks)
  • One of our professional refs to setup everything for you, manage all of your games, and then pack it all up and take it home with him when your event is over

Each 2-hour Action Archery Battle Tag party is only $350 and if you rent Knockerball and Action Archery at the same time it's only $500

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Worried about the weather ruining your day?  Just add the indoor location add-on when you make your booking and we will contact our friends at Orlando Indoor Soccer and schedule your event for you.  The best part is because they are our buddies, they give us a discount that we can, in turn, pass onto you.  Click here for more details.