All the Bubble Soccer Info You Will Ever Need

knockerball bubble soccer

So, what the heck is bubble soccer? Well, you know soccer, right? It’s the most popular sport in the world, only not so much in America. We don’t know why. Maybe it’s too tame. Anyway, soccer is a sport played in large teams, and your main objective is to get the ball into the other team’s goal, and while you’re doing that, you have to stop them from getting the ball into your goal. That’s about it. Bubble ball? It’s the same thing. Kind of. Only not tame. Not tame at all.

Introducing Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is played just like regular soccer, with one important difference. The players are encased Knockerballin a huge inflatable ball, called a Knockerball. And with that, the game becomes a little more violent, a lot less tame, than your usual soccer game. And a lot more funny. But no one gets hurt. Because… big, round, inflatable armor. 

The Best Game Ever

Run at your opponent as fast as you can. Hit him as hard as you can, and what happens? He bounces. So do you. Your battle orbs collide, knocking you both off your feet and sending you somersaulting back onto your own half of the field. Everybody laughs. Uproariously.  It’s a game worthy of Charlie Chaplin himself. Someone once called it The Greatest Game Ever Played. They weren’t wrong.

Great for Parties

Bubble Soccer, also called Knockerball, is great for parties, team building days, social gatherings, and office picnics. The rules are simple. Have fun and get along. And obey the referee. He is there to see that you have a good time, and you are competitive, but respectful of the other players on your team. This may be a hilariously good time, but it is still a sport, and it’s very physical.  The orbs aren’t dangerous, but in any sport, injuries happen. Games last about 15 minutes, with two 5-minute halves and a break between them. This is long enough to tire everyone out, and give everyone a chance to play, so it’s good to have a ref there to guide you.

Don’t just sit there…

The good news is that when you rent the knockerballs, they come with everything you need to have a great time, including a referee who will help everybody suit up, explain the rules, teach the game and set everything up. The rental can be a couple of hours, or a whole day, and it includes ten orbs, one soccer ball, a set of orange field cones, and two goals with nets. Oh, yeah, and the ref? He packs it all up for you as well. This is all only $300 for a two-hour party.

Go get some!

All the bubble soccer info you will ever need to know is that this is so much fun. You will enjoy watching it as much as playing it, and you will, perhaps for the first time ever, leave that office team building event with a big smile on your face. To rent a set of equipment, check our calendar for Knockerball availability in Orlando, Florida or for a list of other places across the country renting the awesome orbs from Knockerball Orlando. And while you’re there, check out our videos, so you can see the fun for yourself.