Bubble Soccer Ball Party Rental – How to Rent for Parties and Corporate Events

knockerball party rental in Florida

Did Someone Say “Giant Bubbles”?

Corporate parties can be hard to plan. People have very different ideas of fun, and employers need to gauge the party’s level of fun with professionalism and work appropriateness. Fortunately, with a bubble soccer ball party rental, throwing a work party or corporate event has never been easier!

When you rent a bubble soccer party rental in Florida, you’re not only ensuring your guests will have a ton of fun, but you’ll also be fostering an environment of teamwork and camaraderie. Nothing boosts workplace morale like a riveting game of Knockerball! In this fun, safe and easy game, the teams go head to head trying to secure as many pods as possible. In fact, the giant bubble soccer orbs, which makes the game not only fun and competitive, but just a little bit ridiculous! What’s more fun than running around a field trying to secure as many pods as possible in giant bubbles!

All Work and No Play?

knockerball party rental in FloridaDoes your office have the workplace blues? Mix things up by throwing a party! Even the most highly functional workplaces get into ruts. Numerous studies show that poor morale in the workplace actually decreases productivity and output.

What better way to stimulate the minds and bodies of your employees with a bubble soccer ball party rental? Our rental packages include all the equipment you need to stage a full day of activity, or just a couple hours, so that you can rent for parties and corporate events on any timeline. Each party rental packages includes ten Bubble Soccer Orbs, one Soccer Ball, one set of Orange Field Cones and two Goals with nets. All this for a very reasonable price of $300! And that’s not even the best part!

Kick Back and Party On

The best part about a bubble soccer ball party rental for parties and corporate events is that we do all the work for you. Here’s how it works: when you rent a bubble soccer ball party kit, we not only provide you with the equipment but we also provide you with the referee! That’s right – one of our reps will actually come out to your event with all the equipment and then set it up for you. Plus, they’ll actually organize, explain and referee the game!

We understand that planning parties and corporate events shouldn’t be a stressful experience. After all, isn’t the whole point of having parties to kick back and relax with friends and colleagues? Don’t let planning a party take the fun out of it for you. Try a bubble soccer ball party rental for your next event, and you’ll be amazed and impressed at how easy and completely non-stressful it can be to rent for parties and corporate events.

A Healthy Choice

Booking a bubble soccer ball party rental from Knockerball Orlando for your next party or corporate event is a fun, safe and healthy way for co-workers and colleagues to interact and build trust and confidence. As we all know, healthy interactions are an important way to build a better workplace environment. Promote a healthy workplace, and get your party guests to start playing with bubbles!