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Orlando Foot Darts

You've seen the Foot Darts videos on Facebook and YouTube, Now You Can Play It In Your Backyard!!!

Foot darts is a game where we've crossed the long-time crowd favorites of Darts and Soccer to create a new game that's great for any kind of event you want to have!

The game is played right here in Orlando by taking fuzzy soccer balls and kicking them at our 10 foot tall by 12 feet wide velcro dartboard.  All of your traditional dart games can be played right here in Central Florida the only difference is you will be playing them a little differently now.  Foot Darts is now in Orlando and available for your rental pleasure.

Included in your Orlando Foot Darts package:

  • 1 10'x 12' Foot Darts Board
  • 6 Fuzzy Soccer Balls (3 for each player)
  • 1 Blower (to keep the board inflated, just like that on a bounce house)

That's all you need to add Foot Darts to your party in Orlando!!  It's just that simple!!!

You can rent Foot Darts in Orlando 2 different ways:

  1. Unattended – We can come out and set everything up for you and then return at the end of your rental of collect everything. (half-day rental)
  2. Attended – One of our game refs can come out and set everything up for you, then stay at your party to help you and your guests play games (clearing the board, keeping score, etc.) and finally at the end of your party he will pack up all the foot dart gear and take it home with him. (starts as a 2-hour rental but can be extended) (with an attended rental you also automatically get a FREE upgrade to include Giant Darts, the archery version of darts)

You can rent either of our Orlando Foot Darts packages for the same low price of $350!  Just click here and then select the Foot Darts option on our calendar!

Worried about the weather ruining your day?  Just add the indoor location add-on when you make your booking and we will contact our friends at Orlando Indoor Soccer and schedule your event for you.  The best part is because they are our buddies, they give us a discount that we can, in turn, pass onto you.  Click here for more details.


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