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Knockerball Orlando Fundraising Events meet and exceed their goals!

Orlando fundraising events with Knockerball OralndoAre you looking for a new and creative ways to be able to raise funds for your school, church event or charity?

Take advantage of one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation. Let Knockerball Orlando help your cause with their fundraising efforts. There is no other Orlando fundraising option that brings as much fun and excitement to your event as having Knockerball will!

Our Orlando fundraising options can generate a surprising level of funds with minimal effort on your part. We can bring the excitement to your Orlando fundraising event all you need is the people.  Our Bubble Soccer team will bring all of the necessary equipment to facilitate playing all of our games (typically 10 players at a time).  They will also manage the gameplay experience and when it's all said and done, they'll pack up and take it home with them.

In just one hour, we can usually accommodate between 60 and 80 players.  Depending on the event that can translate to $300 to $800 an hour in funds generated for your Orlando fundraising event!

Fundraising in Orlando with Knockerball OrlandoAs much as we would love to be able to help out your cause at no cost, we do still have to keep the lights on.  Thankfully, when the day is over we will have generated more money for you than we could ever cost.  For most Orlando fundraising events, we charge the same as for our Knockerball Party Rentals.

Our Orlando Fundraising Packages include:

10 Knockerballs

All the necessary equipment for any of our games &

A referee to manage all of your gameplay

The only thing that's needed from you to make sure that your event is a success is a volunteer to collect money should you decide to charge per person for people to play.

To get more details on how Knockerball Orlando can aid with your fundraising efforts give us a call at 407-252-2611 or shoot us a message using the form below.

Worried about the weather ruining your day?  Just add the indoor location add-on when you make your booking and we will contact our friends at Orlando Indoor Soccer and schedule your event for you.  The best part is because they are our buddies, they give us a discount that we can, in turn, pass onto you.  Click here for more details.

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