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Orlando Bubble Soccer Party Rentals

Bubble soccer party rentals.  Only $300 a day!

Party Rentals from Knockerball Orlando 

Have you been racking you brain trying to figure out how you can make your next party or special event something EXTRA SPECIAL?  Then look no further because you have just found the one thing that's already on everyone's to do list!

Make your next party one your guests can't forget and let everyone play Knocker Soccer!  The best part is, you can get our Orlando bubble soccer party rentals delivered for as little as $300!  Actually, the best part of our Knockerball rentals is that we take care of everything for you.  One of our refs will bring all the gear to your party and set it up for you.  Then they will conduct and organize all the games for your party.  Games like soccer, football, red rover, last man standing or kill the chief.  After everything is done, your ref will break down all of the Knockerballs and be on his way.  It's that easy, we do everything for you! 

To quote one of our regular players, "Knockerball is kinda like Ice Cream, you just can't walk away without a smile."  So it just makes sense to get one of our Knockerball bubble soccer party rental packages at your next party/event in Orlando!!! 

Orlando party rentals - Bubble Soccer

Equipment Included:

10 Bubble Soccer Orbs

1 Soccer Ball

1 Set of Orange Field Cones (for marking out your field)

2 Goals with Nets

Only $300 for a 2-hour party (addition time can be booked based on availability)

Call for details and availability or click here to reserve your package


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Aren't you glad you can stop looking for entertainment to rent for your Orlando parties now!?!