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Tampa Bubble Soccer Party Rentals

Bubble soccer party rentals in Jacksonville, FL.  Only $600 a day!

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Bubble Soccer Party Rentals in Tampa, FL (and the surrounding areas) 

Make your next party rental one your guests can't forget and let everyone play Bubble Soccer in Knockerballs!  With our bubble soccer party rentals in Tampa, FL you get everything thing you need to make your event one of the most memorable of the year!  One of our bubble soccer referees will bring everything right to your location and set everything up for you.  Then they will organize and conduct your bubble soccer games for the day and when your party rental is done they will pack everything up for you as well.  Try it out and you'll see why our bubble soccer party rental packages are becoming so popular in Tampa, FL.

To quote one of our regular players, "Knockerball is kinda like Ice Cream, you just can't walk away without a smile."  It just makes sense to rent one of our bubble soccer party packages at your next party/event in Tampa Bay!!! 

Just how do you play Knockerball?

There are many different games that you can play in Knockerball orbs during your party rental, but our favorite is what we call Knockerball.  Plays take position on opposite sides of the field preparing for battle.  Once the whistle blows players scramble and slam while trying to secure as many pods as possible.  After the second whistle blows the team occupying the most pods is declared the winner.  Knockerballl is a fast, fun and safe way to add excitement to any party rental package.

Jacksonville party rentals - Bubble Soccer

Equipment Included:

10 Bubble Soccer Orbs

1 Soccer Ball

1 Set of Orange Field Cones (for marking out your field)

2 Goals with Nets

1 Referee for 3 hours (additional time can be purchased)

Only $600 for a 3-hour party! 

Call 407-252-2611 to reserve your party rental package.

Download our Rules & Instructions

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Worried about the weather ruining your day?  Just add the indoor location add-on when you make your booking and we will contact our friends at Orlando Indoor Soccer and schedule your event for you.  The best part is because they are our buddies, they give us a discount that we can, in turn, pass onto you.  Click here for more details.

Aren't you glad you can stop trying to find entertainment for your party rentals in Tampa now!?!

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