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What to expect for your bubble soccer game.

Bubble soccer is the new thing to do in Orlando.

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  1. Please arrive 15-20 min early to make sure that we can start the game on time.  The field is rented for a set time and games will start exactly when scheduled.  Please be ready / have your team ready to take the field 5 min prior to game time.
  2. Each bubble soccer game will be 15 min in length and will be comprised of 2, 5 min halves with a 2-3 min halftime.
  3. Bubble Soccer is a ton of fun, but it's still exercise.  It is very probable that you will sweat, breath hard and get your heart rate up. (This is why our bubble soccer games are 15min, most people are happy to let someone else play before going again).
  4. Competitiveness is not only accepted, but it is also encouraged.  Just keep it clean!  Anyone being disrespectful or overly aggressive will be asked to leave the field and your team will continue the game a man down.  Let's see how creative your clean trash talking can be.
  5. Depending on the location we are playing at the facilities will change.  Some places have bars on premise, where you can get refreshments.  Not all do though.  When a bar is not present we will bring coolers for water and beer (when allowed) though.
  6. After your game is done we encourage you to hang out and watch/laugh at the next game.  Please tag us in any pictures you take!  We would love to see them!!!!! (Same thing goes for before your game if you're playing the :30 time slot.)

Worried about the weather ruining your day?  Just add the indoor location add-on when you make your booking and we will contact our friends at Orlando Indoor Soccer and schedule your event for you.  The best part is because they are our buddies, they give us a discount that we can, in turn, pass onto you.  Click here for more details.

Some of the different games we play in addition to soccer:

  1. Kill the Chief – Players divide into even teams and pick a captain.  When the whistle blows both teams attack each other trying to knock the other teams captain over.  Every time the opposing team topples a captain they score a point.  The team with the most points at the end of 5 mins wins the match.
  2. King of the Ring – Mark out a circle on your playing field.  Get everyone into the circle and when the whistle blows everyone tries to knock each other out of the circle.  Last person still in the circle wins.
  3. Last Knocker Standing – aka The Knockerball Free For All!!!!  Once the whistle blows all you have to do is stay on your feet.  The last person knocked over wins!
  4. Red Rover – One person stands in the center of the field. Everyone else starts on one off the court. When whistle is blown, all players on side run to the other side. The player in the middle tries to knock the players down. If someone IS knocked down then that player must join the player in the middle. Continue until only One player is left who is the WINNER!

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We look forward to seeing you at our next Orlando Bubble Soccer Event!



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